Short Takes

Vikings need PR upgrade


Chris Kluwe is the No 1. reason all businesses, companies, corporations, and any other organizations – sports or otherwise – need a strong public relations department. No matter what happens as the Vikings start training camp this week, one thing’s for sure – there will be a distraction. Don’t blame Kluwe though, this story about his allegation that he was cut from the team because of his vocal support of same-sex marriage needs to be shared; it’s just that it should’ve been put to rest months ago. As it is, it’s been re-splattered all over the sports pages days before the Vikings embark on another season. Considering Kluwe has a huge mouth and that he recently made (and has since apologized for) an offensive Sandusky joke while with the team, it would be easy for us to just wish for the very outspoken former Vikings punter to just shut up and go away already. But that’s the wrong angle to take on this; he doesn’t have to shut up, and we can’t make him. If there are bigots on the coaching staff they should be brought to light and dealt with accordingly. As if they were trying to cover this headache with a cool, wet towel to avoid taking their medicine, the Vikings and their PR department fumbled a long time ago. But instead of jumping on the ball and ending the play, they tried to pick it up and are once again bobbling it around. For now, it appears Kluwe is backing off his threat to sue, but this fluid situation should’ve been taken care of long ago.

Trophy tossing


We hope there can be some kind of happy ending to the trophy situation at the school in Ivanhoe, because what happened has obviously hurt numerous people there, including former school board member Alan Widmark, who last week point-blank questioned board members on how school trophies – some dating to the 1930s – ended up in a dumpster. The school board chairman told Widmark school administration was given the go-ahead to go through the trophies (which are now safely stored in a private garage) and discard them if they were in poor condition. But no answer, it seems, would pacify Widmark and others who are angered by school employees “throwing history away.” And we can hardly blame them. Trophies aren’t just school property, they’re history and should be respected. They were earned. Dumpster diving for history. That’s a shame.

Compromise…what a concept


Our state and federal politicians could learn something from the Marshall City Council and Marshall residents about compromise. At the city council meeting Tuesday, the council approved a conditional use permit for a planned crematorium on land owned by Calvary Cemetery. The crematorium plans got off to an inauspicious start because residents in that area weren’t happy with the proposed location. However, at a public hearing during this week’s council meeting, both sides came together and the CUP passed unanimously (with one member abstaining). Progress was made on this issue because both sides listened to the other’s concerns. Go figure.