Group returns to streets for safety

MARSHALL – The pedestrian safety trio – Marshall residents Jean Replinger, Carole Martin and Cathy Amato – are reigniting the campaign for safety for walkers and bikers in the city of Marshall.

Replinger, who along with Martin and Amato, took the initiative to start the safety group last summer, said things have improved on Marshall’s streets in terms of pedestrian safety, but more education and another reminder need to be delivered to motorists who may have forgotten about the push for safer streets.

“Things improved for a while last season, but it’s fallen back for sure,” Replinger said. “People just lose the habit and it’s getting to be the way we drive in Marshall – we’re rural, so it’s like, ‘I don’t see anything coming so why do I have to stop?’. Pedestrians are kind of trained to wait because they don’t want to die.”

Despite the apparent regression among drivers at intersections, Replinger’s not getting too frustrated. She knows the last time the group made a push, motorists responded. And this fall, the safety team is taking their message to schools.

“We realize we’ve gotta get to the parents, and to get to the parents you have to go through the children,” she said. “So we’re going to be doing some role playing in the schools with the children, send some things home for their parents and try others things to get their attention.”

Replinger said it appears the larger the vehicle is, the less apt it is to come to a complete stop at intersections.

“Semi trailers are not stopping; trucks are the greater violators,” she said. “It’s a challenge. Things got better after we did the observation (last year) but today, I don’t think it’s better.”

Like they did last August, the pedestrian safety team has released statistics they have collected this summer. Here are some of those results and observations from the group:

July 9, 7-7:30 a.m.

W. Marshall & E. College Drive

Total of 294 vehicles

31 times people wanted to cross: 1 wheelchair, 1 with walker and 7 bicycles – 29 vehicles did not stop for them; 4 stopped for them

July 14, 12-1 p.m.

Nuese Lane & Lyon St.

Total of 201 vehicles (counting both directions) thru the intersection of Nuese and Lyon St.

Of the 3 times people wanted to cross Nuese Lane (which has a stop sign) four vehicles did not stop at the stop sign and no cars stopped for people

21 times people wanted to cross Lyon St. – 33 vehicles did not stop for them; 13 stopped for them

July 16, 7:30-8:30 a.m.

S. Saratoga & James

Total of 118 vehicles

36 did not stop

19 times people wanted to cross – of 45 vehicles approaching when people wanted to cross 36 vehicles did not stop for them; 9 vehicles stopped for them

July 16, 7-8 a.m.

W College and W Marshall

Total of 462 vehicles

31 did not stop

30 times people wanted to cross – 28 approaching vehicles did not stop, 3 approaching vehicles did stop for them (some people had to run to get across).

July 17, 12-1 p.m.

4th & Saratoga

Total of 880 vehicles

445 did NOT stop (properly)

385 did stop properly

10 times people (one with wheelchair and 20 bikes) wanted to cross (all these people yielded to cars first)

Among these 31 “non full stops” 10 to 15 were semi trailers

July 21, 12-1 p.m.

C Street & Main (checking only right turn on red light)

Total of 50 cars making a right turn on red

41 did not come to proper stop, i.e. most rolled through the cross-walk before they began to pause and then proceed.