Ways to keep moving on the prairie

Southwest Minnesota is known for the beauty of its wide open spaces. And it is breathtaking. However, this unique landscape presents some very real challenges to people who don’t have access to their own vehicle. Community Transit of Western Community Action provides as many options as possible to people searching for a ride, and if we cannot provide it, we’ll help find someone who can.

Buses are Community Transit’s most recognizable service type. Buses travel throughout Lyon County, as well as in Cottonwood, Jackson and Redwood counties. Rates begin as low as $1 per person on route buses in Marshall.

Volunteer drivers aren’t quite as visible in our communities, but they are the unsung heroes of transportation in our region. 16,784 trips would never have happened last year without volunteers. Community Transit uses volunteers to fill in the gaps when a trip request goes beyond our bus service area or when the needs of the passenger are better suited for the one-to-one attention of a volunteer. If not for volunteer drivers, many more people would be forced to relocate closer to the services they need, and leave behind the homes they love.

What many people don’t know is that Community Transit is also striving to reach beyond itself. We cannot meet every need if we stand alone, so we are seeking to collaborate with our neighbors. Through our access coordinator, people who cannot find transportation can find a helping hand to seek out new resources.

Take some time today to find out more about all Community Transit has to offer you and your community. Call 537-7628 or go to www.wcainc.org/transit. We are looking for volunteer drivers throughout the region. Maybe you are the key to keeping someone at home in the prairieland.