Thank you, Municipal Band

To the editor:

It is time to again give a public word of thanks to the members of the Marshall Municipal Band and participants in special feature appearances. They bring a most high level of skills and desire to perform a demanding and varied program of band music and variety acts every week of our season. They are a joy to direct. Also, thank you to the public for listening to these fine musicians. You inspire us.

This year I would like to call attention to another very special group of people in the Marshall community. This group is made up of the people who are behind the scenes and do the things that make our public performances possible. We operate out of the Marshall Community Services Department at City Hall. They and the City Council provide the finances to keep us doing what we do. The grounds crew keeps Liberty Park and the Band Shell in good shape.

Then there are the people at the Marshall Public School system. We use the Middle School band room to rehearse, the music libraries and some instruments and stands to perform, get programs printed, and use the mail van to move equipment to and from the band shell. And a special thanks to Jess Nelson and Studio One for documenting all of this and making it available to the public on TV. I can attest to the reliability of these workers through their devotion to the band. It makes for a fine relationship that I hope we never lose in this city. Also thanks to KMHL and the Independent for their support in getting the information about our activities to the public. A big THANK YOU to these people for their behind-the-scenes support and contributing to help us present the best Municipal Band we can have each and every year. If you know one of these people, say “thank you” in person.

I was especially proud of our community on July 23 at the attendance response for the visiting Mankato City Band performance. Our visitors were most impressed. Thanks again for doing that. Also, thanks to MAFAC and Marshall Community Services for continuing to present entertainment Wednesday evenings by extending the season.

All this adds to what you experience on Wednesday evenings. This is a lot of people doing many important things to make this all go well. There is an old mathematic axiom that says “The whole is equal to the sum of its parts.” However, in this instance, I feel the “whole” here is greater than the sum of its parts. Is it any wonder people come out to Liberty Park on Wednesdays to hear the performances?

Robert L. Meffert, director, Marshall Municipal Band