Couple showing work at KK Berge

Sean Scott and Kate Scherfenberg met at a community ceramics studio in Portland, Oregon, several years ago.

She was taking classes and he was teaching and working as a studio technician.

After going back to school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and relocating to Minnesota, the two started Pomme de Terre Pottery in Battle Lake.

The couple’s art is on display throughout the month of August at the KK Berge gallery in downtown Granite Falls. The exhibit is sponsored by the Granite Falls Area Arts Council.

Scherfenberg grew up in St. Paul and was involved with the performing and visual arts since she was young.

She received her degree in Asian studies at St. Olaf and started working with clay while she attended school there. She took classes in Taiwan and Portland and received her bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Scott grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and started his formal training with clay at Sinclair Community College. He got his BFA from Ohio University and his master of fine arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Scott said that both he and Scherfenberg have their own unique set of processes they use when creating their work.

“Kate does a variety of techniques and excels at throwing on the wheel, slab construction and multiple surface decorations,” he said. “She uses earthenware clay and then applies various slips, glazes and stains to achieve luscious surfaces full of depth, variety and intimacy. Her patterns and motifs are often derived from the surrounding flora and landscape.”

Scott prefers to hand build his work, usually out of slabs or coils using custom clay bodies. He said many of his pieces verge on pure sculpture as he plays with ideas surrounding food and sustenance.

“We both love our work to be used and touched in a variety of ways,” Scott said. “We also consider ourselves foodies and love to imagine all of the wonderful, healthy, special meals or gatherings our work might be able to enhance.”

Scott said they chose the name for their studio, Pomme de Terre, because they are located near the headwaters of the Pomme de Terre River.

“We love all of the historical and metaphorical associations that come with the name, and that it is ultimately tied to a sense of place,” he said.

If they’re not working in the studio, the two said they’re in the garden or in the kitchen, as well as spending time with their two sons and taking walks with their dogs.