List of issues at library ‘extensive’

To the editor:

Although there have been letters to the editor and editorials in the newspapers, and several people spoke at the Lyon County Commissioners’ informational meeting regarding Marshall Lyon County Library’s relationship with Plum Creek Regional Library System, it is abundantly clear that many people still think the main issue is about book sharing (Interlibrary Loan) and length of time for MLCL to keep new books. The list of issues is far more extensive.

The breadth and implications of the topics makes it imperative for residents of Lyon County to understand the exact scope of the negotiations.

For a factual presentation without the hoopla, go to Then click on “What’s going on with Plum Creek.” Under Item #1, click on “MLCLJune30_letter.pdf.” This letter, which was published in the Marshall Independent, concisely explains the scope of the items negotiated by the MN State Office for Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Mediator, the MN State Librarian, and representatives of MLCL and the Plum Creek Library System.

After Plum Creek voted in the arbitration process to accept the provisions outlined in the above noted letter, the arbitration agreement was resoundingly defeated by the Plum Creek Board at the regional meeting. The many hours/days of work by the State of MN appointed Office for Collaboration and Dispute Resolution professional Mediator, the MN State Librarian, and the representatives of Plum Creek and MLCL were ignored. Professional review of the procedures indicates that all members of the Plum Creek Library System Board who served on the mediation process and who then voted against the agreement violated the agreement.

Rather than supporting the negotiated agreement, Plum Creek Director Mark Ranum (who participated in the negotiation process) made the proposal that MLCL could only be a member of Plum Creek Regional Library if it agreed to obey “all current and future” Plum Creek policies.

Read the information on the issues. Form an opinion based on facts, not on a partial understanding of the complex topic. Then contact your Lyon County Commissioners and/or Marshall City Council members. The decision they make will reach far into the future.

Lyon County Commissioners’ meeting?August 5, 2014, 9 am, Lyon County Courthouse, 2nd floor, rooms 1 & 2, item #15

Lyon County commissioners

Charlie Sanow 532-5901 (Underline between c and sanow: c_sanow)

Steve Ritter 829-8070

Mark Goodenow 532-3861

Rodney Stensrud 872-6858

Rick Anderson 734-5194

Marshall City Council Meeting

Tuesday, Aug, 12, 5:30 p.m., Marshall Middle School Boardroom (rear of school)

Marshall City Council Members

Mayor Bob Byrnes

Glenn Bayerkohler

Michael Boedigheimer

John DeCramer

Larry Doom

Ellayne Conyers


Jennie Hulsizer

This information is also available in printed form in the Marshall Lyon County Library. Informed and involved citizens are the best protection for the freedoms we enjoy. Do your part – be informed and be involved.

Carole Martin