Aug. 12 — a very important day

To the editor:

It has been encouraging to see all of the “Marty Seifert for Governor” signs around town and along the highways in the state. It is an indication that there are many people who would like to see Marty as our governor. He is very well qualified for the position, which those of us who live in this area are well aware, and he has been working hard for months to get his message out to the rest of Minnesota.

That’s where Aug. 12 becomes so important. Everyone needs to be aware that the only way that we will see Marty Seifert’s name on the Nov. 3 ballot, when our next governor will be elected, is for Marty Seifert to get the majority of the votes cast for the Republican candidate for governor in the Primary Election set for Aug. 12.

You need to be aware that the Primary Election ballot is different from that of the General Election ballot as you can only vote for one political party at the primary. You cannot cross over to vote for candidates in other parties on the primary ballot or your ballot will not count. So if you want to see Marty Seifert’s name on the Nov. 3 ballot, and you don’t happen to be a Republican, just vote for Marty and don’t vote for any of the other candidates in that column. Sounds pretty simple to me.

One more thing – if you are not going to be able to go to the polls in person on Aug. 12 due to vacation schedule, work schedule or some other conflict – get up to the Auditor’s office in your county and vote on an absentee ballot. In Marshall that office is located in the Government Center at the intersection of West Main and 6th Street. That also sounds pretty simple and will go a long way toward getting Marty Seifert’s name on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Whether you vote in person on Aug. 12 or vote absentee, please vote. As an election judge who has served in that position for years, I would personally like to see a heavy turnout for the primary election. Being able to vote and express our political choice in that manner is a privilege that we must never take for granted. See you at the polls.

Mary Meffert