Seifert would give new meaning to ‘local voice’ in St. Paul

Marty Seifert undoubtedly felt right at home at Farmfest on Tuesday and by all accounts excelled in the GOP gubernatorial debate with his clear homefield advantage, and it’s his true rural roots and small-town values that make him our candidate of choice in next week’s primary.

Here’s why: We want a rural voice leading the way in St. Paul because we want rural Minnesota to be treated the same as the metro area, especially when it comes to the allocation of funding throughout the state. We realize there are more heavily-populated areas in the state where services are stretched thinner, but the distribution of funding needs to be leveled out, shared equally, no matter what the money is targeted for.

We think Seifert, who went to college in Marshall, taught high school in Marshall, worked in Marshall and has raised a family in Marshall, is greater Minnesota’s best chance at gaining lasting relevancy in the eyes of all our elected officials. Seifert grew up on a farm; he shares our values, and cares about our rural areas and our agricultural leaders – not just here in the southwest corner of the state, but up north as well.

As a recent post on Seifert’s Facebook page read: “Nothing like having a farm boy as our next Governor.”

Just like it’s nice to see our local people excel on a larger stage in sports or in other areas, we would like to see Seifert bounce his ideas of the Capitol walls. We’re behind him, not only because he’s from here, but because we do like those ideas. We agree with many of the things Seifert wants to accomplish as governor, like his intention of easing government regulations and his goal of giving the schools their due consistently – not just when the state’s back is against the wall and needs to pay off IOUs.

We like the fact that Seifert has experience as a legislator but that he’s not a typical career politician. That’s a nice blend that’s hard to find.

We certainly applaud the efforts our local representatives and senators make at the Capitol every session, but when it comes to being a voice for rural Minnesota, we like the thought of it coming – not just from the House and Senate floor – but from the governor’s office as well.

That’s one powerful voice, and we want it to be Seifert’s.