Library has a lot going for it

To the editor:

Paula Nemes, adult services librarian at the Marshall-Lyon County Library, listed 15 ways in which the library continues to serve its patrons. (Independent Public Forum Aug. 15.)

As a frequent patron, I too, find the MLCL to be “vibrant and versatile” and the staff very friendly and helpful.

Not only is it possible to request that a book or other item be “held” for you online, but you can step up to the desk, or call, and personally ask to be notified when the desired item is ready for you.

As an MLCL patron, I don’t mind having to wait my turn, even for new items. Perhaps the majority of MLCL patrons feel the same way. If so, this would be a strong reason for MLCL to rejoin the Plum Creek Regional Library System.

We could all enjoy the benefits of sharing materials with the PCRLS.

Perhaps MLCL patrons could indicate their willingness to use the “hold” system or not by e-mailing the library or giving an opinion at the desk. Any other issues could be dealt with in the same manner, so as to involve the library board, the city of Marshall, and Lyon County residents.

Our library is vibrant, versatile and valuable!

Trudy Madetzke