Meester, Harding move forward in Lincoln County sheriff’s race

MARSHALL – There weren’t many local races included in Tuesday’s primary elections, but it seemed like the ones that did make it to the ballot drew a lot of candidates. Lincoln County residents cast votes for four different candidates for county sheriff, while Slayton residents voted to narrow down a pool of five candidates for a single Murray County commissioner seat.

Four candidates filed for Lincoln County Sheriff this summer, after Sheriff Jack Vizecky announced he would be stepping down. After unofficial primary results were tallied Tuesday night, candidates Chad Meester of Ivanhoe and Guy Harding of Lake Benton received the most votes and will be candidates in the general election in November.

Of the four sheriff candidates, Meester received the most votes, with 585. Harding received 287 votes. Al Resvold of Tyler received 148 votes, and John Spindler of Tyler received 142 votes.

The sheriff’s race wasn’t the only one to require a primary in Lincoln County. Voters in Tyler went to the polls to vote for one of three candidates running for county commissioner in Commissioner District 2. Candidates Michael Vandevere and Gary Manson had the most votes and will be on the ballot in November. Vandevere received 196 votes, Manson received 44 votes, and candidate Michael Lovre received 42 votes.

In Murray County, five different candidates were vying for county commissioner in Commissioner District 4, which represents the area in and around the city of Slayton. Of the five candidates on the ballot, Bill Belanger and Glenn “Corky” Kluis had the most votes and will be candidates in the general elections. Belanger received 138 votes, Kluis received 122 votes, Ken Leas received 31 votes, Holly Wrenn-Wicklander received 21 votes, and Bradley Pagel received 8 votes.

On Tuesday night, Belanger said he was “excited and happy” to be one of the top two candidates in the primary.

“The turnout for the vote was much larger than expected,” Belanger said. It showed that Slayton voters were taking the race seriously, he said.

“I’m glad to be one of the top two,” Kluis said Tuesday night. Kluis said he had felt confident about making it through the primaries.

Belanger and Kluis said both said they weren’t running for county commissioner on a specific political platform. However, they said they wanted to focus on serving the residents of Murray County.

“I want to use common sense and be level-headed,” Kluis said. Belanger said he thought it was important to be open and available to the voters.