Nick’s Notes: Common Threads

MARSHALL-I usually have to see something before I believe it, so I was reluctant to #believeinbrown when I could barely find it on the new Mustang football jerseys.

Although, the new football uniforms will have brown numbers and a brown “Mustangs” across the chest, it’s hard to find the color anywhere else. Those numbers and letters will be outlined in gold. Spectators at Mattke Field this season will see the Mustangs adorned in predominantly gray unis and the team will wear white sets on the road. The team also switched from Nike products to Adidas branded gear this season.

As the football team gathered at Mattke Field for team pictures, nobody I asked said that they missed the brown. Many players described the new unis as “sharp.”

However, like Mustang Booster Club President Bill Toulouse, I prefer the classics. “I’m old-school. I like pinstripes in baseball,” he said over the phone. “I like brown and gold,” he added.

However, there are other factors at work here. “Brown is two to three times more expensive,” said Coach Cory Sauter as he watched his players get organized for the team picture in the bleachers at Mattke Field.

I was unable to get a quote from Adidas for brown jerseys, but based on the laws of supply and demand, he might be right. Only two other college programs, the University of Wyoming and Lehigh University use brown as their main color. Only one professional team, the Cleveland Browns, has brown in their color scheme.

Although some fans are ready for a change after last season’s whitewash. “After last season of all white for every game, I’m ready to see the Mustangs in literally any other color uni,” tweeted Adam Henning, an SMSU alumnus.

SMSU men’s basketball coach Brad Bigler tweeted that the men’s basketball team will be wearing gray uniforms this upcoming season as well. Although, women’s basketball coach Allison Kruger tweeted that her team will still be rocking the brown.

Excitement trumped nostalgia on Wednesday afternoon at the football field. Nerves about practice took precedent over nerves about the new looks. The team photographer seemed to be the one most worried about aesthetics.

Most players wore the white jerseys for the photo. Thirteen players with senior status wore the gray ones. The staff wore gray polos. It turned out just fine.

Gray, white, brown, I believe that I am ready for some football.