Short takes

Seifert defeated, but not outworked


We want to applaud Marty Seifert, who fell short in his quest to become the Republican of choice to face off against DFL Gov. Mark Dayton this fall. Seifert may not have won Tuesday’s primary, but he can be proud of his campaign. He didn’t have as much money as the other candidates, but a dash of name recognition and a healthy dose of hustle kept Seifert relevant all the way up to voting day. The Independent endorsed Seifert because of his rural background – because he’s from here – and we liked his ideas about downsizing government, lowering taxes, reforming health care and prioritizing roads and bridges over light rail projects. His stance on those issues didn’t get him voted in as the GOP favorite, but it was a good run nonetheless. A 14-year legislator and former House Minority Leader, this is the second time Seifert has taken a shot at becoming Minnesota’s governor. We don’t know if it will be his last, but we congratulate this true rural candidate on a strong campaign, where he separated himself by getting his message spread to more nooks and crannies of the state than any of his Republican rivals.

Groundbreaking part of a big summer in Marshall


It’s been a pretty big summer in Marshall. In June, the Marshall School Board voted unanimously to offer the superintendent position to Scott Monson from Morris Area High School to replace the outgoing Klint Willert. Boys State had another successful week at Southwest Minnesota State University, and on Thursday as Sounds of Summer really got rolling, ground was finally officially broken for the new regional amateur sports center out by the high school. The latter two events brought some political dignitaries to town, including Gov. Mark Dayton, and getting big-name politicians to visit is always a big deal. Having events like Boys State here and watching as the long-in-the-making sports complex slowly becomes more of a reality should remind Marshall residents they live in a pretty good city – an attractive and welcoming city, a progressive city, a city on the rise. And for Marshall residents who make up this city, you’re helping pay for the new sports center, so take pride in it. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no sports center. That’s a fact. Marshall might be tucked deeply away in a corn and soybean field-dominated corner of the state and might be overlooked by our much larger neighbors to the east, but the city certainly has come a long way. To be sure, it’s more than a pitstop on the way to South Dakota.

Photos bombed; watch what you post


The grandparents of a little baby in Ohio are defending themselves and complaining about being harassed after posting photos on Facebook with a pacifier duct-taped to their granddaughter’s mouth. They’re actually playing the part of victims. The photo – accompanied by one of the baby in a cooker, surrounded by potatoes – is enough to make you want call child services yourself (they did show up at the couple’s home, and with the police, by the way), but this isn’t a story about the welfare of a baby – it seems they’re good grandparents and wouldn’t harm the child – as much as it is a tale of idiocy. We hope millions of people see this photo – if millions haven’t already – and a switch gets flipped inside their head that tells them to use a little common sense when posting anything online. What might be funny to you, what might be an innocent inside joke that to its target audience is harmless, likely won’t be viewed that way by the masses. Be smart on social media, people. Facebook can be fun, but as we’ve seen time and time again, it can get you into plenty of trouble as well. Oh, and remind your kids of this please.