Peterson is asset to Minnesota

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the Aug. 4 edition of the Redwood Gazette front page coverage of Congressional candidate (Torrey) Westrom’s visit to Redwood Falls and his recent mailing.

In response to Westrom’s comments on Obamacare, 250,000 Minnesotans have now enrolled in MNsure. Minnesota’s rate of uninsured is said to be the lowest in Minnesota’s history.

Regarding the Keystone XL Pipestone Project, Congressman (Collin) Peterson has been supportive of the project. He fully understands and is working on the needs for transporting fuels and grains to market securely and economically. Collin Peterson is concerned that both farming and agricultural businesses are represented in environmental legislation to regulate greenhouse gases.

The message of Westrom’s mailing was that Congressman Peterson is a career politician and needs to be replaced. It is interesting how seniority is good depending on who has it. For 24 years, Congressman Peterson has served this district under fluctuating boundaries. He actually now represents over half of Minnesota’s counties. During this time, Peterson has consistently worked and fought hard for Minnesota residents. Collin has worked in a bi-partisan manner to get things done to help average, middle-class Americans. An example of Peterson’s bi-partisan ability was the passage of the Lucas Farm Bill.

Peterson’s seniority of 24 years is an asset to this vast and diverse Minnesota district. Senator Westrom’s 18 years in the Minnesota Legislature could also label him a “career politician.” Collin Peterson has consistently represented this agricultural/business-related district and deserves our continued support.

Gerry Patten

Redwood Co. DFL chairman

Redwood Falls