New D-line coach provides direction

MARSHALL- Jeramey Dockery’s arrival at the Southwest Minnesota State Football training camp was as about as warp-sped as job hunting can go.

Dockery received a call about the defensive line coach opening at SMSU on Aug. 10, was hired by the afternoon of the 11th and was at training camp, ready to go on the 14th.

Taking over as a new position coach can be nervewracking enough, but Dockery, who came from Dallas and played football at Truman State, didn’t take long to get comfortable.

“That’s the easy part,” Dockery said. “This is a great group of guys. They’ve helped me along because I’ve had to learn a new scheme myself.”

Throughout the first few days of training camp, it has been a give-and-take process.

Dockery takes time to share his experience with one of the more experienced units on the team, but also spends time taking in some of their knowledge.

While the rest of the team runs special teams drills and one-on-one passing and receiving drills, Dockery usually has his squad over in the corner working tirelessly on technique.

One of his more helpful components along the way has come in the form of 6’6 265-pound junior defensive end AJ Page.

“He’s been nothing but great,” Dockery said. “He’s been helping out the freshman a lot. He’s been helping them get the plays and understand what’s going on. I love coaching him. He’s always trying to absorb something. That’s all the guys though, they are always trying to learn something.”

After taking a break from the helmets and pads yesterday, the defensive line will be back at it again today, continuing to make progress in what Dockery feels is a positive proccess.

Dockery has defensive line experience after four years at Truman state where he ranked third on the team with 70 tackles his senior season.

He has 7.5 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks.

While there are a lot of X’s and O’s to be worked out, Dockery’s number one goal is to get the guys competing to their fullest potential and putting out maximum effort.

“That’s really something I’m really hammering,” Dockery said. “It’s every single play as hard as you can go. We have a pretty deep group, so if you give me 110 percent, I’ll be able to rotate somebody in that’s just as good of quality, so that we’re flying around and making big plays.”

Dockery did mention that the biggest thing the line needs to work on is their pad level and hand placement.

He feels that the pad level is a little high on some plays and would like to see a better job of locking out.

Even through just three days however, Dockery feels that his team is making the right strides.

“The first couple days, we were starting to get acclimated to weather and pads and all that stuff that goes along with the start of training camp,” Dockery said. “We’re doing well. I can’t wait to see where we are three weeks from now.”

If the team can mix maximum effort with Dockery’s experience and enthusiasm, just like his arrival on the SMSU campus, they’ll be playing at warp speed.