Short Takes for Aug. 22

Leave high schools out of logo/nickname issue


While we understand why the majority of people who make up the American Indian community in this country have taken issue with some sports logos – most common among them because of its national reach, the Washington Redskins – we’re glad to see The National Coalition against Racism in Sports and Media has dropped its opposition to Warroad Public School’s use of an American Indian logo. It’s one thing to protest a professional sports team, which is nothing more than a huge multi-billion-dollar conglomerate thats sells its product under the entertainment guise, but targeting high schools is a different beast. We wouldn’t mind seeing Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s hand forced to change the team’s logo and nickname – why wouldn’t he, the franchise can just develop a new brand that Snyder could reap the monetary benefits from – but leave high schools out of this issue.

Tops in ACT scores


Minnesota has long stuck out its chest for its education system and got another reason to do so this week when the Minnesota Department of Education announced that for the ninth straight year, Minnesota students have topped the nation in ACT scores. Seniors posted an average score of 22.9 – the national average is 21 – and more Minnesota students, 39 percent, met each of the four benchmarks (English, reading, math and science) than any other state (26 percent nationally). Also, 76 percent of high school seniors in Minnesota took the ACT test – a 2 percent increase over last year.

Good for the girls


It’s nice to see Sports Illustrated put a female on its cover who doesn’t have a skimpy bathing suit on. Kudos to the magazine for choosing to put its first Little Leaguer, Mo’ne Davis, on the cover. The swimsuit beauties and their perfect features make for some nice eye candy and likely sell a lot of magazines, but it’s gotten to the point where the publication, website included, more resembles a poor man’s Playboy than a sports magazine. Davis, a 13-year-old girl who has made national headlines for her mound prowess, is just what the youth of this nation needs – a good role model, a kid who has proven you can do anything you want if you believe in yourself and work hard – on the field, in the classroom, or anywhere in life. The boys from Las Vegas got the best of Davis on Wednesday night in an 8-1 victory over her Philadelphia team, but in no way does that diminish what this young girl has accomplished. We don’t know her, but we’re proud of her.