All wet

Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes and Harry Weilage, Marshall Community Services director, were doused with icy-cold water Friday by Cathy Lee, city of Marshall executive assistant, and Mary Tate of MCS at the statue of Mrs. Whitney. Mrs. Whitney is depicted pouring water to christen the city of Marshall, but Friday was unknowingly taking part in a national phenomenon that is raising millions for ALS research. Byrnes and Weilage picked up the gauntlet thrown by Marshall Public Schools Business Director Bruce Lamprecht, who nominated city employees Thursday to take the ice bucket challenge. Those nominated are asked to get soaked and/or make a donation to ALS research within 24 hours. Byrnes challenged Granite Falls Mayor Dave Smiglewski, and Sounds of Summer co-chairmen Marshall Fire Chief Marc Klaith and Independent Publisher Russ Labat. Weilage challenged city council member Charlie Sanow and Bill Mulso, Southwest Minnesota State development director – “in honor of classes starting Monday at SMSU.” And, because some say Mrs. Whitney is holding a chamber pot, Weilage nominated Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cal Brink to take the ALS challenge.