Finding something special at Mary Louise

MARSHALL – It’s funny, Carla Thompson said. As a child, she never liked going to auctions or had much interest in “old” things. But as an adult, she’s developed a love of yesteryear that’s gone past being a hobby and has become a new business.

Mary Louise, a new store owned by Thompson, had its grand opening last week.

The shop is located on 3rd Street in downtown Marshall. Mary Louise sells items including vintage decor, clothing and accessories, as well as a variety of items from local vendors.

Thompson has been collecting and selling vintage items for a while now – she even calls herself a “thriftaholic,” always searching through flea markets and secondhand stores for the perfect find.

“I get them from everywhere,” Thompson said.

Thompson had a booth to sell her wares, which she would take to places like Pipestone and Granite Falls. But, she said, “I always wanted to have my own place.”

That opportunity came when Thompson had the chance to move into the former Urban Hollywood shop space on 3rd Street. However, it took a little time to transition into the shop.

“It’s been very hectic,” Thompson said. She estimated that it took from about July 17 to Aug. 1 to prepare for opening.

Thompson named the store “Mary Louise,” in honor of her late mother. Thompson said when she went shopping for vintage items and found something good, “A lot of times I’d think, ‘Oh, that reminds me of my mom.'” Now, Mary Louise’s portrait hangs on the wall behind the store’s checkout counter.

Thompson said there will be a little bit of everything at Mary Louise. During the grand opening, displays included decor items, scented candles, vintage jewelry, and even some clothing, jewelry and purses.

Thompson has also teamed up with some local vendors, including Leah Fadness, Alice Janiszeski, Marie Hutchinson and Jean Stassen, to offer other items for sale. Thompson said they’re contributing items like crafts, rustic decor and some “repurposed” household items. She pointed out some sets of coathooks made from items like old silverware or doorknobs.

Thompson said the shop will have a changing inventory, so there’ll always be something new to see.

Mary Louise will be open four days a week, Wednesday through Saturday. On Thursdays, the store will have early evening hours, closing at 7 p.m.