Enlightenment blossoms in Marshall

To the editor:

Once again with gratitude and very positive thoughts I write this letter to Marshall residents.

As soon as we received notification of the upcoming Sounds of Summer event in your city we knew we were going to attend again.

It has been and continues to be one of the most pleasurable as well as memorable events in our hearts. It gets bigger and better each year. Many of your city residents take the time and effort to plan, organize and coordinate the many aspects that it takes to make such an event happen. For those of you who feel like we do, it would be a special gesture to thank these hard working people for another very successful endeavor.

Simple ways to do that are by a phone call, pat on the back or a handshake or a smile and a thank you. Things such as this have never harmed anyone I know. It could possibly give them the momentum to do this again.

Also, the party in the park was also very very good. The musical talent and entertainment provided by the band Stray Voltage was excellent to most everyone. Many years of talent did a superb job of sharing their talents.

There are so many other positive and enlightening things I could say before I close.

It is my hope that what I have shared with you will perhaps make you smile. Please continue to do what you do so naturally. The caring, sharing and hospitality are wonderful!! Be proud and hold your heads high because you are a truly great American city.

Until we meet again.

Paul G. Simley