Baby’s first selfie

I have to admit, the “selfie” craze is kind of fun. The ability to use our smartphones and digital cameras to capture our day-to-day joys is a blast.

The March of Dimes is out with an app called CineMama that allows you to make your pregnancy “selfie” both fun and educational. CineMama is a fun pregnancy tool created by March of Dimes that turns photos of your belly into a sharable movie. It helps you celebrate your progress week after week and keep a diary, while learning the benefits of a full-term pregnancy.

More than 87,000 women have downloaded the March of Dimes CineMama App to create a video log of their pregnancy and receive the latest pregnancy health information from the March of Dimes. Every week of pregnancy is crucial to a newborn’s health. We believe that using “selfie” photos will help reach today’s mothers-to-be, so they understand that healthy babies are worth the wait. CineMama is part of the March of Dimes “Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait” public awareness and consumer education campaign, which focuses on the importance of a full- term pregnancy.

The campaign encourages women to wait for labor to begin on its own and health care providers to not schedule a delivery before at least 39 weeks of pregnancy, unless there is a medical necessity. Important development of the brain, lungs and other organs occur during the last weeks of pregnancy. Additional information is available at

At the March of Dimes, we’ve got answers to all your pregnancy questions. What kinds of food should you eat? What can you expect at your prenatal care visits? How much weight should you gain? Find the answers at Find the CineMama app at