Finding a treasure

MARSHALL – The Treasure Box will soon be opening its doors in downtown Marshall.

Located between the Bike Shop and Marcotte Jewelry, The Treasure Box is sure to have something for everyone, owner Grace Guggisberg, a Lamberton resident, said.

“It’s not a thrift store or an antique store,” she said. “But basically, it’s anything you can find in a treasure box.”

Inside the new store will also be Grace’s Treasure Box, an eBay service that Guggisberg has operated since 2006.

“I’ll have a little room for Grace’s Treasure Box, and everything I have listed on eBay will be in that room,” Guggisberg said. “I’m going to do what they call a valet service. I will buy or sell for you on eBay. I think it’s going to be something different for Marshall.”

In the past, Guggisberg has sold for other people on eBay at no cost, but now she will be charging for that service. In addition, she will sell consignment items for people. In the near future, Guggisberg will also teach people how to navigate eBay for themselves.

“I’m also going to teach people if they want to learn how to do eBay,” she said. “I’ll give them some strategy tips because there are strategies to it.”

The eBay service allows Guggisberg to make connections with people all over the world. She said she not only enjoys selling unique items but also communicating with others.

“I sell all over the world,” Guggisberg said. “I just sent some Malibu shot glasses to England. I’ve also shipped to Australia, Japan and Poland. It’s so much fun. I also do it as a social outlet, corresponding with people back and forth.”

Guggisberg said she has sold a variety of items on eBay in the past, noting that the all-popular tea cups are not a hot-selling item any longer.

“It’s crazy what sells,” she said. “I’m a glass and china person myself, but everyone has their own preferences.”

The value of items has also been known to fluctuate, which is something Guggisberg has learned to live with.

“My philosophy is that something is only worth what you have a buyer who will pay for it says it is worth,” Guggisberg said. “Value goes up and down all the time. So what may be worth $58 today might be worth $5 tomorrow. You just live with it. That’s what they call economy.”

While Guggisberg has the eBay connection, people will also be able to see what she has available in the store, including her own collections.

“It’s anything and everything,” she said. “I go to auctions and find items that I think somebody would like. I take very good care of them and then I find new homes for those things.”

Wabasso resident Sandy Frericks and Marshall resident Ardyce Minnig are expected to help out at The Treasure Box, which will also have a bubbler with fish and a children’s corner.

“We’ll buy and sell and have fun,” Guggisberg said. “I’ll have them work every minute I can get them.”

Guggisberg is anticipating a grand opening around Oct. 1 but expects to open the doors before then.

“We have more shelves to put up, and we have to get more items unpackaged and put on display,” she said. “Then we’ll be ready for business.”

Tentative hours for The Treasure Box are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday.

“The best part is the hunt for the treasure,” Guggisberg said.