Trojans shut out tigers

MARSHALL – The Marshall Tigers lost to the Worthington Spartans 12-0 on Tuesday night. The Tigers were unable to make a comeback like they did in their previous game due to a mixture of injuries, miscommunication, and fast play by a talented Worthington squad.

Marshall was down 3-0 at the half. The first Worthington goal came off of a penalty kick from Filmon Mesfun. Angel Sanchez scored on a breakaway in the 20th minute. Anthony Sanchez scored Worthington’s third goal on an awkward bounce that slipped past the fingers of Marshall goalie Jaylon Rowe.

The goals came quickly for Worthington in the second half. They scored within the first four minutes. They kept coming every few minutes after that. Worthington’s Jesus Ordaz put the ball in the net three times for the Spartans.

Worthington coach Cristian Banegas said his team had worked on finishing goals in practice. “It came out pretty well for us in the second half,” he said after the game.

Marshall coach Andy Larson said his team’s long break didn’t help them prepare for the game. “We have to work getting back into soccer mode,” he said after the game. Larson said that his team didn’t practice on Friday due to severe weather.

Rowe remained aggresive in the net for the Tigers throughout the game. The goalie met attacking Spartan forwards far out in front of the net. He was able to stop a few goals by sliding in front of the Spartan attackers. Banegas credited the Tiger goalie for limiting Worthingtons’s scoring chances in the first half.

Rowe was taken out of the game after getting hit in the knee by a Worthington player in the second half. Play was stopped, but Rowe was able to walk back to the bench unassisted. Midfielder Jackson Luther also came out of the game for Marshall due to an apparent ankle injury in the second half.

Larson said that his defense was still learning how to work together. “We have a brand new defense this year. Just them communicating with each other and Jalen would help out a lot,” he said.

“We just need to communicate more as a team,” he added.

Marshall is now 1-4-0. The Tigers travel to Fairmont on Thursday to face the Cardinals. The game starts at 5:00 p.m.