Vikings trying to build off milestone

MINNEOTA- As Minneota Coach Chad Johnston and his staff prepare for their week two matchup against Lac qui Parle Valley, they’ll be doing it with a newfound monkey off their backs. Johnson earned his 100th career victory in the Vikings week one 63-6 victory over Lakeview.

Johnston was quick to share the credit.

“It is a milestone,” Johnston said. “It’s a good accomplishment for the program and my staff. I tell everyone else, it’s my 100th win, but really it’s our programs 100th win because they have been with me since day one. It’s a big accomplishment.”

With one of the largest staffs of assistant coaches in the area, Johnston has took on a lot of volunteer assistants over the years just because they want to be a part of a program that has a strong tradition of winning.

Johnston mentioned that the team and the school tries to raise money in order to get the volunteer assistants some funds due to their time out of their day jobs.

Johnston feels that the high numbers only help his program.

“It is a large coaching staff, but I think that’s a huge part of our success,” Johnston said. “Some of these guys weren’t here to be a part of the 100 wins process, but we had volunteers before that that were part of that.”

As their focus shifts to LPQV, Johnston knows there are still things that they need to clean up.

Being physical is a always a given for Minneota.

He wants his players to continue to focus on the mental part of the game.

“It’s about being disciplined and about being focused in the huddle,” Johnston said. “It’s about not having breakdowns with blocking assignments or defensive assignments. We had a few of those against Lakeview.”

Johnston knows that LQPV likes to throw an option attack in the offense, so he is having his team focus on sticking with their assignments this week in practice and staying disciplined.

“Last year they came out in predominantly two formations,” Johnston said. “This year they come out and run some spread stuff. They’re definitely throwing the ball a lot more and taking some deep shots. That’s always a concern because a kid could make a great catch and a defender could slip.”

One thing Johnston and his staff didn’t see was the option, but knows that they used that to their advantage last season.

LQPV comes in with a 27-6 win over Murray County Central under their belts.

Area Week 2 matchups:

Marshall (1-0) at Henry Sibley (0-1)

Dawson-Boyd (1-0) at MACCRAY (0-1)

MCC (0-1) at Canby (0-1)

RTR (0-1) at Lakeview (0-1)

TMB (1-0) at Adrian (1-0)

Alden-Conger (0-1) at WWG (0-1)

Melrose Area (1-0) at YME (0-1)

Minnesota Valley Lutheran (0-1) at Wabasso (1-0)