DAWSON- The Minneota Vikings swept the Dawson-Boyd Blackjacks in three sets on Thursday night, 25-20, 25-23, and 25-21. The Blackjacks provided to be a formidible opponent for the VIkings as they were able to rally multiple times throughout the night.

The Vikings were well on their way to winning their second set when they went up 20-12. The Blackjacks came back from a 9-point deficit and brought the game to 24-23 after a block by Hailey Mork. Much of the crowd stood and cheered. However, a kill by Minneota’s Taylor Reiss ended the set

Minneota coach Stephanie Hennen thought her team played well. However, they had to make adjustments for D-B’s defense. “We just tried to speed up our offense a little bit,” said Hennen.

Reiss had 33 kills on the night. However, D-B made the hitter work for her points. “She was frustrated when we had rallies going back and fourth,” said Hennen. Reiss also had 24 digs.

During one rally in the third set DB’s Andrea Lee and Justine Lee both had digs on potential Reiss kills, but eventually the Minneota hitter was able to get it over the net.

Andrea Lee was often on the recieving end of the Reiss hits. “She really took some for the team without any blocks,” said D-B coach Ashley Dahl. Lee ended up with 14 digs on the evening.

Dahl knew that the Blackjacks would be challenged this evening, but she was pleased with her teams effort. “If we just play our game and keep going at them. They’re going to have to fall some time,” she said after the match.

Minneota will take part in the Southwest Challenge in Marshall this weekend. Dawson-Boyd will travel to Ortonville on Sept. 8.



M Serving: Charlie Josephson 14-14-1; Taylor Reiss 13-13-1; Taylor Johnson 8-8-0.

D-B Serving: Andrea Lee 17-17-4; Kylie Schuelke 11-11-2.

M Kills: Taylor Reiss 33; Natalie Herigon 8; Krista Maeyaert 5

D-B Kills: Justine Lee 9; Kelly Husby 9; Alisa Hill 9.

M Digs: Taylor Reiss 24; Amber Engels 10; Sienna Mahan-Deitte 11.

D-B Digs: Andrea Lee 14; Kylie Schuelke 11; Justine Lee 11.

M Set Assists: Charlie Josephson 50.

D-B Set Assists: Andrea Lee 31.

M Blocks: Taylor Reiss 33, Krista Maeyaert 2.

D-B Blocks: Kelly Husby 2; Justine Lee 1.